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May 31, 2011 / graceunsw

Media and Me

Kind of like Marly and Me…but not as cute.

As I near the end of my Bachelor of Media (Communications and Journalism) degree I feel that this post provides a useful opportunity for me to express my complex feelings towards the industry at the present time. To be honest, for the most part I feel somewhat ambivalent about the future, and where I can see myself positioned in it.

Obviously there are opportunities inherent in this state of flux that is persisting at the present time. I have learnt extensively about the pervasiveness of new media in all aspects of social and cultural organisation, and the enormous potential this enacts in terms of possible career paths and affecting positive change in the world.

By the same token, many of my traditional understandings about what it is that media can achieve have been completely rewritten. If citizens are now journalists and twitter can start a revolution, where does that leave a media practitioner? It all seems quite uncertain at the moment, although I guess this may breed new roles for media, and offer a lot more potential.

I think it is quite certain that in light of all the change and development occurring at present, media is more vital to our sense of self and society than ever before.

It seems that, going forward into the future, one issue that will be increasingly important (and difficult) to maintain is the essence of our humanity in the face of technology and science. Aaron Koblin, in his TED talk entitled ‘Artfully visualizing our humanity,’ provides an excellent illustration of how they can be married:


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