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May 3, 2011 / graceunsw

web 2.0/gov 2.0 and its implications

Media has fundamentally changed society and our interactions, and has in many ways become a force for revolution. As I blogged about in my last post, the situation in Egypt and Libya is just the beginning of publics harnessing media for their advancement, and cannot be underestimated. Social media is changing our world, with consequences both positive and negative, that I am sure will play out in interesting public debates over the next few years.

The Coalition of the Willing wiki provides a useful illustration of this new tendency of social organisation. It suggests the practical steps media and individuals can take, independent from government, to effect change. Their wiki also features a great film which goes into their motivations and goals in a more detailed way. Although aspects of this film were a little optimistic, it was quite inspiring, and perhaps the most important lesson it teaches is that action can begin on a small scale, which may eventually have far reaching implications.

We are already beginning to see the power people can have without government influence in issues big and small around the world. Perhaps a new revolution is upon us. With a participatory media culture and populace that is educated and can make informed decisions on their future, one can only begin to imagine the potential for change being generated in this time of flux.


Coalition of the Willing wiki, 11 May 2011, accessed 4 June 2011, <>


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